Blog Post 2

Blog Post 2

Daily Dining Hall Delights

By:Sam Arangio

Monday February 7th:

In my opinion this week could have been one of the worst for the dining hall. As usual breakfast is always pretty solid, but the first lunch of the week was not so great. The main part of the meal was a grilled cheese which is a bad sign since they have them almost every day. The sides on the other hand kept this meal alive, there was curly fries which are always great and then broccoli which for broccoli it taste very good. Then there was just a mix of home fry style potatoes. Overall I would give this meal a 5/10, the main course of the meal was not so good but the sides made up for it.

Here is a image of the meal:

Tuesday February 8th:

Tuesday was going to be not so great until there was no one in line for the Mongolian Grill, This made my day since it has been a long time since I had the grill. The grill is a staple for the UNE dining hall since its pretty consistent and almost always tasty. I would rate this meal a 8/10 the grill has never disappointed me.

Here is a image of the grill:

Wednesday February 9th:

Once again there was another dud meal this week, dinner was not so great because of course the main course was another grilled cheese. There was also some chicken so go along with it but the chicken was pretty bad, then to make the meal even worsen of the sides was spinach but it wasn’t seasoned to well. The 1 side that was decent with this was the fries. This meal was disappointing and I would rate it the lowest rating so far at a 4/10.

Here is a picture of the meal:

Overall this weeks meals were pretty disappointing, it started off bad and so far it looks like it is going to end bad too. There was one bump in the road with the grill and that was solid. Hopefully next weeks meal take a turn for the better.