Outcome 5 (Document Work MLA)

Outcome 5 (Document Work MLA)

Outcome 5 (Document Work MLA) – Document their work using appropriate conventions (MLA)

My citation skills have improved greatly throughout the semester. At first I was confused on how to properly cite a quotation and then I learned it goes the authors last name than the page number where the quote is. I also learned how to cite a article correctly, in high school I would always use a website to generate the citation for me but now I know how to get all the information from the article like the authors name, when the article was published and how many pages are in the article. I figured out how to put all that information together to correctly make a citation. Also at the begvingin of the semester I used to put the authors piece in italics because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do, but you where actually just supposed to put the title in quotations. I now know how to do all these proper citations correctly now.

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