Blog Post 9

Blog Post 9

Dining Hall Delights

Monday April 4th:

Today the normal food at the dining hall was not that good, so I decided to wait in the usually long line for the Mongolian grill. The grill was very good I haven’t had in a while so it tasted even better.

I would rate this meal a 7/10

Here is a picture of the grill

Tuesday April 5th:

Once again we are back too taco Tuesday, this is easily the best day of the week food wise. Today they had chicken tacos and for once the chicken was very nicely seasoned. With a bit of hot sauce these tacos we’re great.

I would rate this meal a 9.5/10

Here is a image of the tacos

So far its looking like this week is going to be ok food wise, Monday started off pretty bad since I had to go to the grill instead of getting sometime from the normal food area. Then you have taco Tuesday which never disappoints. I would rate this week a score of 7.5/10 so far.