Text to Text Connections

Text to Text Connections

In one way Blooms essay on empathy connects to Serhans and McLaughlins essay because empathy can help with assessing the problem with Xenophobia and fixing that issue. When they talk about how wearing mask in affects them and how it can change they’re feelings about other people around them like when they say “Should I not go in a mask anymore? I should not have to chose my safety over my health.”(McLaughlin 1). She should not have to chose between her safety or her health, if people at least tried to give out a little empathy or another technique like empathy than that could really help her life.

One way David Foster Wallace can connect to Serhans and McLaughlins peace is that if people thought with a choice and looked at what could be going in other peoples lives then they could help out with the xenophobia going on today. This xenophobia is that bad that Serhan speaks out and says “Stigma to be honest, is more dangerous than the virus itself”(Sehan 2). This xenophobia is so bad that some people think it is more dangerous than the virus, no one should every think that that is worse. People need to thunk before they act and see how people are living or how their life is going. Wallace talks about the freedom of choice and how you have that freedom but you have to control yourself to think on how to stop xenophobia and not make it worse by talking about Covid 19 as the “Wuhan Virus” this just balls up and makes everything worse. You have too listen to Wallace and think with a choice that can help out someones life.

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