Blog Post 1

Blog Post 1

Daily Dining Hall Delights

By:Sam Arangio

Daily blog/review about the dining hall at UNE and the food/drinks they offer.

Tuesday February 1st:

The dining hall started off strong this Tuesday with a burrito bowl/walking taco station. This option is way better than the usual cold grilled cheese or quesadilla. The burrito had ground beef, salsa, cheese, and lettuce and was a burst of flavor. I would definitely eat it again the people that were with would also eat it again. Overall I would rate that meal a 6/10 the flavor was pretty good and definitely above the average meal they have there, but it wasn’t anything that special.

Here is a image of the burrito bowl:

Wednesday February 2nd:

Once again the dining has started of strong, I walked in not expecting much and out of nowhere BOOM a crepe station I have never seen before was right in front of my eyes. The other food besides the crepes were definitely not as good but then crepes made that night great. The crepe had powdered sugar, whipped cream, grape jam, and cinnamon and sugar. The crepe comes out strong as the best item so far this week with a 8/10 rating. Another thing I will say is that these crepes were a fan favorite for everyone that was there since the line was longer than any line I have seen in the dining hall before.

Here is an image of the crepes:

Overall these 2 meals exceeded my expectations, normally there are few times a week where the dining hall is pretty bad and all you hear is people saying how bad the food is. This week on the other hand was pretty solid and I felt like I didn’t really complain about the food at all. The burrito bowl was nice for lunch and the crepes for dinner made it a great meal to have towards the end of the week.

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