Blog Post 4

Blog Post 4

Daily Dining Hall Delights

Monday February 21st:

Monday started off with an average dinner that was pork tacos, carrots and curly fries. The curly fries are always very good and the pork tacos had good flavor, one thing that made this meal a little bad is because the cooked carrots were very bland. I would rate this meal a 5/10.

Tuesday February 22nd:

This meal was fantastic! It might have been one of the best lunches I have had this semester. It was pork katsu, a roast beef sandwich on a pretzel bun and cottage fries. The pork katsu is one of the best meals they have so it is always great seeing it out. I would rate this meal a 10/10 which is the first 10/10 I have given out.

Wednesday February 23rd:

Its an unusual Wednesday dinner with tacos, this was to make up for not having tacos on Tuesday. These tacos were solid since they had some nicely seasoned chicken on them, I would rate this meal higher but the sides were not that good so I would give it a 7/10.