Blog Post 8

Blog Post 8

Dining Hall Delights

By: Sam Arangio

Tuesday March 29th:

Today lunch was pretty good just because it was taco Tuesday which never disappoints. Today they had pork tacos with salsa, the pork was nicely seasoned and the salsa always adds a great flavor to the tacos. Once again taco Tuesday was very good, the only time it is not good is when they have the waling tacos that are a bag of Doritos where you add beef and cheese.

Overall I would rate these tacos a 7/10.

Image of the tacos

Wednesday March 30th:

Today was the best lunch I have had in a while, It was a phenomenal assortment with tortellini, Caesar salad, and waffle fries. These are the 3 best options they could ever have in the dining hall, the tortellini is always amazing and the waffle fries are always so good. The Caesar salad which I haven’t had in a while was also very good.

I would easily rate this meal a 10/10

Image of the meal

If you want to make an easy Caesar salad then you can use this recipe for an easy Caesar salad.