Connecting The Parts

Connecting The Parts

In The limit of friendship the essay analyzes how humans will lack the social needs and social interactions if they keep on track by just using social media and online interactions. One concern that Konnikova states is that some social skills will not develop when so many people are using a lot of online interactions., As Konnikova puts it, Konnikova says here “We aren’t born with full social awareness,and Dunbar fears that too much virtual interaction may subvert that education” (Konnikova 4). This quote talks about how Dunbar(who is the person that created the dunbar number that helps figure out how your human interactions sort of rate in a ranking system) is concerned about how humans will be in the future towards their social needs if they keep up with their current online interactions. Konnikova explains the connection between the Dunbar Number and virtual interaction when she writes “The more virtual friends replace our face-to-face ones, in fact, the more our Dunbar number may shrink.” (Konnikova 4). In other words this gives a short statement on what would happen if humans keep on using social media more than in person interactions, this is why I think social media has a negative effect on in person connections because if people get used to this type of communication there Dunbar number (there circle of friends) will shrink and in my opinion all the in person conversations they will have in the future will be very awkward and stale do to social media and how they now view in person conversations. 

Another reason that shows that social media can help spread hate throughout the world is when Phelps Roper starts to use it to spread her and the church’s beliefs. Megan Phelps Roper is a part of the westboro church and from a early age she was taught by her parents to only think about god and the bible and throughout her early life she starts to spread hate in different ways like petitioning about anti homesexuality or about how 9/11 was a good thing. She first starts speaking to David Abitbol who is the leader of the blog Jewlicious, she starts with starting an argument by saying “finish the sentence:the only good jew is a repetent jew” (Chen 10). Phelps Roper starts an argument because of social media, yes Abitbol was nice about it and jokingly responded to her tweets with some sarcasm but it would be a lot different if she tweeted about what she said about how the soldiers that died in war deserved to die. If she posted something like this on social media then it would blow up. Another way she spread hate throughout the world was tweeting about homesexualioty in a negative way which could impact people and how they view themselves for the rest of their lives. The use of social media for Phelps Roper was very negative and has definitely hurt a lot of people. Using social media and having less in person conversations can lead to being hurt even more since once you get hurt online you have no one else to fall back on which can lead to more serious problems. Social media did affect Phelps Roper’s in person conversations because whenever she talked to Abitbol online they would get into massive arguments,but when they finally met in person they didn’t have the same spark they had online and kinda just had little conversations with each other that were pretty meaningless. Social media can affect everyones in person conversations because for most people social media can produce a false reality.

b. I think I need to focus of using more transitions, I think right now I use a lot of repetitions and a few keys terms but when I put more transitions in It will definitely make my essay more smooth and make more sense.

c. In addition we see that Phelps Roper uses social media again to spread hate and her church’s beliefs. Megan Phelps Roper is a part of the westboro church and from an early age, was taught by her parents to only think about god and the Bible. To put it another way, early in her life she petitioned about anti homosexuality and about how 9/11 was a good thing.

Using these transition terms made this passage a lot more smooth and for the reader it is definitely easier to read and makes a lot more sense.

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