Outcome 2 (Integrating Ideas)

Outcome 2 (Integrating Ideas)

Outcome 2 (Integrating Ideas) – Be able to integrate their ideas with others using summary, paraphrase, quotation, analysis, and synthesis of relevant sources.

In essay 1 I definitely struggled with incorporating my own ideas/voice with the text and connecting that to the essay prompt. I had some decent quality of making “quote sandwiches’ ‘ and was able to clearly show some of my own ideas and connect that to the prompt. In essay 1 when I was quoting Phelps Roper when arguing with Abitbol, I include some of my own voice to show how Abitbol takes Roper’s argument and how he responds to her argument. I explain how he was nice about and joked with her even though Roper was making fun of a serious topic. I used text to text evidence and added a bit of my own voice in it to give it more strength. My summary for these quotes wasn’t too long but it definitely did set up for further arguments and gave me more to write about in the future sections of that essay. Adding my own voice and ideas was very hard for me in the first essay but for the next essays I definitely tried to add more voice to it. I used the They say/I say template more and that definitely helped my essay become stronger. I used my ideas to connect multiple sources together, which in the long run made my essay make more sense and gave it more structure. Overall by my last essay I was able to include even more of my own ideas/voice, even though I didn’t include that much voice in my first essay the ideas that I did have definitely helped out my essay.

In this picture below, I show how In essay 1 I don’t really include much voice in my explanation of my quote. It shows how an add more summary in my quotes than I did my own voice.

In this next image I show in my latest essay how I start to incorporate more voice into my quote explanations.

In this image I am explaining on if the roles were reversed and a white man was walking around a college campus with no college gear than he would not be seen as a bad guy like the black man did while even walking with his college ID and college gear on. This was definitely my best essay because I was able to include my voice and make my quotes explanations a lot more strong with this.

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