Blog Post 11

Blog Post 11

Dining Hall Delights

By:Sam Arangio

This will be a different type of blog this week just because of how bad the dining hall was, Wednesday was not even worth taking pictures of the food just because of the low quality of the food that day, It was just a mix of grilled cheese and quesadillas and a few other things like chicken curry which did not look good.

Taco Tuesday April 19th:

This taco Tuesday was a little different than usual because with the tacos I had I also grabbed a breakfast sandwich because it looked pretty good. The tacos were ground beef so they were average tacos. The breakfast sandwich on the other hand was very good, I saw the worker crack a fresh egg on the grill so I knew it would taste good.

Picture of the Taco and Sandwich

Overall I would rate this meal a strong 8.5/10

The dining has disappointed me so far this week, some days I didn’t even want to eat there since they had so few options. A poll from a few of my friends also agreed with me that the dining hall was very bad this week and it could have been one of the worst weeks.

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