Blog Post 7

Blog Post 7

Dining Hall Delights

By: Sam Arangio

This week was a little different than any post I have done before, I will be only posting one picture of the dining hall food and then later in the week I will show where I went out to dinner.

Monday March 21st:

Today there was tacos with ground beef, they had a decent amount of seasoning on them. The salsa on them always makes them better, but overall this week the food was just not that good it was definitely a lot worse than it has been in the past. Overall I would give this meal a 6/10 they were some pretty average tacos but they were not too bad.

Tuesday March 22nd:

Today was great food wise, since I watched the Batman movie a couple weeks ago, all I have seen on the TV whenever a commercial comes up is an add for the batman calzony. Every time I saw this add it made me want it even more, I finally gave in and went to little Caesars instead of the dining hall and got a batman calzony. It was incredible the calzone pieces were amazing and the regular pizza part was very good too, this was the first time I have ate at Little Caesars and I will definitely come back for more. I would rate this meal a 100/10, the highest rating I have ever gave a meal on this blog.

Image of The Batman Calzony