Blog Post 3

Blog Post 3

Dining Hall Delights

By:Sam Arangio

Monday February 14th:

Beginning of the week lets see how it starts, Monday had a variety of different things to chose from, one thing that came back that hasn’t been there in a while was the pastrami sandwich. This sandwich was way better than I thought it was going to be. The sweet and sour chicken and rice on the other hand was a major disappointment and was almost un edible. Then there was a variety of steamed vegetables which they usually have and those weren’t too bad. I would rate it a 3/10

Tuesday February 15th:

Its taco Tuesday people, the dining hall tacos always hit different. This week they had pork and fish tacos and they were delicious. They always have a great variety of toppings and it makes the tacos even better, and the fish had a great seasoning on it. I would rate this meal a 9/10 which is the highest ranking so far.

If you feel like making this at home use this recipe for easy fish tacos

Easy Fish Tacos Recipe

Wednesday February 16th:

Todays lunch might have been one of the best lunches of the semester, it was a amazing variety of waffle fries,tortellini, and garlic broccoli. The waffle fries are the best fries out of all of them since they are the the perfect crispness and the flavor is great. Then the tortellini which is one of the best things the dining hall has was out for lunch, then just to add to this amazing lunch there was garlic broccoli which for broccoli was solid. I would also rate this meal a 9/10 making it tied for the most rated meal so far.

Overall this week started off a little rough but throughout the middle of the week it picked up the pace and the 2 best rated meals were a part of this week so I would say this week is going to be great for the other 2 days.