Outcome 4 (Peer Review)

Outcome 4 (Peer Review)

Outcome 4 (Peer Review) – Be able to critique their own and others’ work by emphasizing global revision early in the writing process and local revision later in the process.

At the beginning of the semester, my peer review skills were pretty bad. It didn’t fell right to say negative things about other peoples essays and I was not confident in telling people what was wrong with their essay. Now I can confidently say that I can review someones essay and give them feedback that can help them improve their essay. In the picture below you can see that I was explaining how they put a good amount of voice in their essay and using the correct amount of voice for explains their quote. Then I gave them some feedback to help them improve their essay like adding some quotes to their voice to check off a Barclay paragraph requirement in their essay.

In this next quote below I show how I was able to give effective feedback on their introduction paragraph. Their paragraph was very good at explaining the authors pieces and they gave a great introduction to their topic and gave a nice intro to what they where talking about. The only thing that was a little confusing with their introduction paragraph was that their thesis was not that clear. I gave some helpful feedback and told them to change the first part of their intro a little but by making their thesis more clear so the reader understands what they are talking about at the beginning of the intro.

Overall my peer review skills have greatly improved throughout this semester. I am now pretty confident that I am able to give correct feedback and feedback that actually makes sense. I feel like when looking at what my peers said about my essay is very helpful too. Their feedback has definitely also improved throughout the semester, their feedback has helped me build my essay more strong and wherever I had mistakes that made my essay not flow as smoothly my peer helped me fix those. My peers and I have definitely improved on making constructive criticism and feedback that is also positive.

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