Outcome 1 (recursive process)

Outcome 1 (recursive process)

Outcome 1 (Recursive Process) – Demonstrate the ability to approach writing as a recursive process that requires substantial revision of drafts for content, organization, and clarity (global revision), as well as editing and proofreading (local revision).

Overall my essays have definitely become more smooth and strong throughout the semester. I have improved on a variety of topics and I think my strongest improvement has been explaining my quotes and placing transitions in the correct areas. Back in Essay 1 I definitely needed more work on explaining more quotes, I have improved that by giving a more thorough and a more detailed explanation on showing what the quote truly means and how that relates to the essay prompt. I reorganized my transitions by cutting out a few words that could have made my essay more confusing or wordy and replaced those words with one smooth transition. Adding these transitions definitely made my essay stronger and more smooth. Some comparisons that needed revision was that I would not set up my quotes with something like “as the author says” and I would just throw the quote in there which would end up looking like a mess in the final product. I ended up adding some sort of beginning statement like “As Konnikova says” or “Konnikova talks about that when she says” and adding these would make my transition to my quote a lot stronger and smoother. Fixing these issues in my essay made it a lot easier to read for the reader and made it a lot stronger. These techniques will definitely be helpful for writing future essays and will help make it so my writing will constantly improve and not be a confusing mess without the transitions for my quotes.

This Image shows how ineffective my explanations were in my first essay, they were very bland and definitely needed a lot of work.

This next image is one of my explanations in my last essay and you can see the differences in them since this one even has a solid transition to the quote which I definitely worked on a lot better than my first essay I used “What Cadogan didn’t realize is that people around him were looking at him as the bad guy” this transition into the quote made it make more sense and made it stronger.

This explanation for this quote was also solid since I didn’t just focus on my summary, I incorporated my own voice towards the end of the explanation.

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