Blog Post 6

Blog Post 6

Dining Hall Delights

By:Sam Arangio

Monday March 7th:

Switching it up a little bit this week Monday started off with some tacos from the dining hall. These were some basic tacos that only had ground beef, they weren’t too bad but one of my friends did like them a lot and said “the beef was seasoned very well”. Overall these tacos were pretty good but it was not the usual taco Tuesday so they were not as good as they usually are. I would rate them a 5/10.

Here is an image of the tacos

Tuesday March 8th:

This dinner was an interesting one to say the least, it was a weird mix of pasta, fries,mixed vegetables, and a cheese filled breadstick. I totally thought this would be an ass dinner since once I looked at that mix I was not that hungry, but once I took the first bite of pasta I realized it was pretty good. The cheese filled breadstick was also very good. This meal surprised me, I thought I would give it a 1/10 but I am actually going to give it a 5/10.

A picture of the meal

Wednesday March 9th:

Once again this week is proving to be a disappointment, today had a mushroom burger, roasted potatoes and pizza. A really boring meal tonight only one thing stuck out tonight and that was the potatoes. They had some parsley on top which made them even better. I would rate this meal a 6/10, the potatoes carried this meal.

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