Outcome 6 (Sentence Level Error)

Outcome 6 (Sentence Level Error)

This learning outcome involves the crafting of reasonably well-formatted sentences. Each person has different challenges (comma splices, run-ons, fragments, word challenges, etc.), and we seek reasonable control by the end of the term.

In my first essay I had a lot of grammar errors like commas in the wrong places and just having run on sentences that would make my essay very confusing to read because it wouldn’t make sense. Like in my second essay I struggled with errors like saying the same thing in multiple sentences making it very confusing. I would say I agree with something and then not in the next sentence making it very misplaced and wrong. I would also put in words that would not have to be there like in the image below I put “of that” which did not have to be there. I also would put in the wrong form of a word like putting “donating” instead of “donated” which again made my essay less strong since it made it hard to read.

When I look at my most recent essay and compare it to my second essay I can see how many grammatical errors I had in the first one. In my most recent essay I had very few grammatical errors and definitely improved my run on sentences. I also had quite a few comma splices which made my sentences very weird, but by the last essay I pretty much had no comma spices and grammatical errors.

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